Give us a call and ask if you have any SPECIALS!!  We are happy to help.   

*prices are subject to change without notice


Studio - The Birch

        436 square feet - The Birch $1150.00* Call for Availabilty 

One Bedroom/One Bathroom - The Oak, Maple or Elm

      657 sq ft - The Oak $1375* Call for Availabilty​​​​​​​
Oak Entry and Kitchen
Oak Living room
     678 sq ft - The Maple $1425* Call for Availabilty​​​​​​​
     882 sq ft - The Elm $1550* Call for Availabilty​​​​​​​

Two Bedrooms/Two Bathrooms - The Sycamore, Willow or Cherry

     1,000 sq ft - The Sycamore $1650*  Call for Availabilty
Sycamore Kitchen
     1,027 sq ft - The Willow $1725* Call for Availabilty
Willow Entry to living room
Willow Kitchen
     1,092 sq ft - The Cherry $1850* Call for Availabilty

Penthouse - The Aspen

     1,661 sq ft - The Aspen $2500* Call for Availabilty

Three Bedrooms/Two Bathrooms - The Evergreen

     1,400 sq ft - The Evergreen $2100*Call for Availabilty​​​​​​​

* Prices are subject to change without notice.